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dış cephe dış cephe dış cephe dış cephe dış cephe halı saha tenis kortu voleybol ve basketbol sahası kütüphane yemekhanemiz bahçe resim atölyesi bilgisayar laboratuvarı çok amaçlı salon satranç odası

         Our school started education under the name of Ayşe Atıl Anatolian High School in its temporary building with 150 Students at the begining of 2005-2006 academic year with the proval of 7374 number and 05/07/2005 dated law.

      Our institue gave education under the name Ayşe Atıl Anatolian High School in the same building until 2010, in 2011 after being given a new modern building, both its name and building were changed into Abbas Sıdıka Çalık Anatolian High School. Many students have graduated from our school since 2009 and have been able to pass the university exam and have entered major universities  in Turkey.

      Our school have accepted the students who are able to pass Secondary School Examination. The number of the students at school are determined by the authorities. It is determined that each class only have maximum 34 students. Most of our students generally come from the city itself. However, some of our students come from surrounding towns and villages.

     The school building  was built on a 738 metre square area. The main building has 2 entrances. There are administry offices, classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, a physchological counselling and guidance room, teachers’ room,  waiting points for visitors, physical education room,  a photocopy room, Atatürk corner,  an IT lab, a library and a canteen in A and B entrances   and also a tennis court , volleyball and basketball courts a small football pitch in the school yard.

     An alarm and a camera system were installed in order to prevent burglary and fire while we were getting this system installed we informed students’ parents, students and our employees about how it works.

   Our school yard is 7669 metres square. The beauty of wooding and enviromental planing have been appreciated by domestic and foreign visitors. Our green field has been watering with the city water by using sprinkling system. A camellia and some benches are avaliable for students’ use.

    Our school is very well-equipped both physically and technologically. It has all facilities for sustainable good and successful education.

     We have given a great importance to keep order , hygiene and cleanliness. A significant part of school budget is divided for school cleaning. Our school was entitled to get White flag in 2012-2015 and 2015-2017. Our school is regarded as one of the best school with not only its high quality of education but also its physical appearance and cleanliness. Our students have been awarded many times as top students of the province in social, sports, cultural and general knowledge areas. Our students have taken the first, second or third prizes in Turkey. According to university exam results, our students have been placed to different  univerisities in changing yearly rates. The reputation of our school is well-known. Our relationship with high schools and institutions is carried out within mutual respect and, courtesy. There have been a lot of well-organised events in our high school thanks to this frank communication with these associations and institutions such as Çukurova University, Health Directorship, Police Department, National Education Directorship, Youth and Sports Province Directorship, Non-Govermental Organizations,Adana Science and Technology University, Civil Defense Directorship.



Headmaster:  Hamit AKSU
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Telephone:    (+90 322) 2330667
Fax :    (+90 322) 2333114
E-mail:    968959@meb.k12.tr
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Address   :      Huzur Evleri Mahallesi 77234 sk. Turgut Ozal Bulv. Veterinerlik Arastirma Lab. Mud. arkasi Hasan Usta Civari Cukurova/ADANA
City / Country :     CUKUROVA - ADANA   /    TURKEY
   Region :    Mediterranean
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