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Our School


Our school is a gymnasium level general secondary school (high school) in the eastern part of Mediterranean Region, in the city of Adana, TURKEY. Adana is in the Mediterranean Region and it is very convenient for the nature projects as our city is geographically on an important location. Adana is famous for  a huge plateau called ?kurova which means ( lower plateau) in English and cotton is grown here. Not only cotton, but also citrus and olives, sugarbeets,etc are grown here. Our region is also famous for its mountainous and this region lined up Taurus mountains. In addition, there are high plateaues or highlands, caves, natural waterfalls in our region.
     The school is composed of 520 students aged 14-18 years old. Our students are chosen via an examination and they are highly qualified in Science, Maths, Social studies, Computer, Sports ,Drama, Music, English and German and they are motivated and eager to cooperate with students from other countries with the aim to broaden their horizons and exchange cultures.Our school is a success oriented school and the school aims to create and develop a partnership between European countries. (see photos from the school)

    Cukurova is a district of Adana and it is situated in the north of the city with modern and fascinating attractions. The long attractive palm-fringed Turgut Ozal Avenue is full of trendy shops, cafes and restaurants serving delicious food. You can always see the old and the young hanging out there. There are huge blocks of flats, but you can get a peaceful feeling when you see the detached houses and bungalows with lovely gardens and clean streets with evergreen trees as well. The department stores and malls are within easy reach and they are not only popular with the residents but with all people in Adana who want to have a good time or enjoy shopping in the T. Ozal and Mahfesigmaz Avenues.

     This district is also famous for its very popular school, Abbas Sidika Çalik Anatolian High School with its lovely students and the dedicated teachers. cukurova is no doubt an excellent place to live in and worth seeing. The Seyhan River waterfront offers the residents lots of facilities such as canoeing, rowing, picnic areas, tennis and basketball courts and a lot of cafes and bars. People sit at the tables in the waterfront cafes and marine restaurants and enjoy the sunset, watch people fishing and inhale the fresh smell of the river while sipping their drinks.



Headmaster:  Hamit AKSU
School Name:


Telephone:    (+90 322) 2330667
Fax :    (+90 322) 2333114
E-mail:    968959@meb.k12.tr
Web Site:


Address   :      Huzur Evleri Mahallesi 77234 sk. Turgut Ozal Bulv. Veterinerlik Arastirma Lab. Mud. arkasi Hasan Usta Civari Cukurova/ADANA
City / Country :     CUKUROVA - ADANA   /    TURKEY
   Region :    Mediterranean
Map (Link) :  http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=200656585811179273524.0004bd9c372f09eaaf2de&msa=0



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